Monday, March 6, 2017

A Springtime Fantasy Teatime

Well, I'm definitely ready for spring (and the weather where I live keeps osculating between 70 and 30s/40s), so when my sister mentioned she wanted to go to tea with a couple of her friends and my mom suggested that I could just throw her one, I immediately jumped to ideas for pretty pastels and flowery china!

After I found the pretty unicorn cards on sale, I knew they would be perfect for this whimsical tea.

Guests were asked to choose a hat,

(some of the hats my mother and I made a couple of years ago)

and were given a glass of sparkling wine with blood orange and passion fruit flavors.

I set the table with different Royal Albert trios, the following four I found at Homegoods!

(Rose confetti)

(Love lilac from the Candy collection)

(Gratitude from the Miranda Kerr collection)

(Sitting Pretty from the Candy collection)

I think this is my first time using the pretty silverplate spreaders I found that look so nice with my flatware. 

Below is the menu for this tea:

Tea sandwiches:

carrot cake on cinnamon raisin bread, ham salad butterflies, curry chicken on a croissant, and cucumber flower sandwiches.

I served a black tea with roses and orange petals I purchased a couple of years ago in a small shop in Provins, France.

I served tea with cream and these cute pink teapot shaped sugar "cubes."

Next, scones served with clotted cream and Victoria plum jam, vanilla bean

and one of my classics, lemon cherry.

After the scone coarse I put a blooming tea on the table.  It was the first time my sister's guests had seen one and they seemed to really enjoy watching it opening up.

And, now that we were pretty stuffed, it was time for dessert!

(A new Christmas gift--a cheeky pink tiered tray!)

Starting at the top, lemon blueberry cheesecakes, Neapolitan cupcakes, and raspberry iced shortbread cookies.

Each guest also received a small favor of a chocolate and a teabag.  I used some left over black and white bags I already had, and found a pink decoration on sale at Michaels.

(Lady Carlyle)

This tea was really easy to put together and I really enjoyed mixing all the pastels with some colored glass water goblets and a pink glass creamer sugar. 

Thanks for joining me and "May all your dreams come true"!


  1. Beautiful setup, so colorful and a perfect way to welcome spring!

  2. I was just coming back to catch up on my rambling comments on your Italy posts, but... VANILLA SCONES!!!!

  3. Your springtime fantasy tea is definitely a dream come true! You are the BEST SISTER! I love the RA trios, especially the Love Lilac and Sitting Pretty patterns, as well as your Cheeky Pink tiered tray. Bring on spring!

  4. Your tea party was absolutly gorgeous! I love all the pink and what a delicious looking menu.

    Blessings ♡

  5. Your tea party was absolutly gorgeous! I love all the pink and what a delicious looking menu.

    Blessings ♡

  6. What a delightful tea! I love the special touches like hats and teapot shaped sugar cubes. Even though I just ate lunch, your photos made my mouth water. I think I shall make a cup of tea now, even though I won't have all the delicious goodies to go with it.


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