Monday, May 11, 2020


 We left Colmar at 9:30ish and the train had us to Strasbourg by 10ish.  After dropping the bags off at the hotel (unfortunately, no room was available yet, but they offered to hold our bags) we walked to the city center.  

We first visited the big cathedral, the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, which was made of red sandstone, which was different.  

After getting inside right before it closed for the afternoon, 

The astronomical clock (sadly under scaffolding) is from the 1800s and replaces two earlier clocks.

(Different characters parade in front of the skeleton death to show the passage of life)

(Emperor window, c. 1210-1270)

(I might have just liked this weird tree monster thing to the right)

After exploring inside, we headed around the corner to start the 330 stair climb to the top!  We soon decided we are both out of shape...  

(looking down on the Palais Rohan)

(This picture does a good job of showing the pink in the stone walls)

After coming back out, we stumbled across the place (square) to a creperie!  

I enjoyed a banana nutella crepe for brunch, so I got my french crepe fix.  

We next backtracked a bit to see some of what had had missed into the rush to the cathedral, 

(Place Kléber)

before doubling back and heading to the history museum at the river.  It told the history of Strasbourg and the Alsace region and how it has past between French and German control several times since 1681 until WWII.  I found the propoganda pre and post war particularly interesting. 

After that we walked a bit along the L'Ill River.  

until we reached the street heading to St. Thomas Church (a protestant church), well known for its acoustics.

We enjoyed a bit of an organ concert as we took the opportunity to sit and rest a bit in the church.

Next on to Petite France, a quarter in the city with half timbered homes. 

(antique carousel with cars!)

 Since we just came from Colmar and the villages with many more of them, we were a bit disappointed.  It was still pretty though!  

We stopped there along the River and had apertifs (I had Kir again--this time with sparkling Alsacian wine and mixed with bure liquier (Blackberry).  

Very good!  We rounded off our afternoon snack with ice cream.

We wandered next down to Barrage Vauban 

where we climbed just a few steps to the top (just a couple of flights, not anything crazy) for views.  

After sitting in a park with the locals for awhile, 

we headed back towards the cathedral up the Grand Rue   

(A quick stop to sample teas in Dammann Frères)

eventually coming to the Place Gutenberg.

(second antique carousel!)

(Stork spotted!)

From here it was back up to Place de la Cathedrale to hope for better lighting--it had been too bright to take good pictures when we were there the first time.

(Palais Rohan)

Dinner tonight was my potentially last chance to get my favorite of the Alsace wines I'd tried, gewurztraminer (the lady's wine).  I had jambonneau, very tender ham on the bone served with potatoes in a Munster cheese sauce...delish! 

By now it was dark, so back up to the cathedral for night pics 

(Stork street art!)

(with some music, a singer cranking a street organ) 

before heading back to the hotel--a 15 minute walk back towards the gare.  Sadly, it is au revoir to France--we headed back to Germany the next day.

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  1. I'm sad that the France portion of the recap has come to an end... It was such a fun time. We should go back to France one day. :-P. We always seem to end up there somehow.

    • Unsurprisingly, I tried to take a gazillion photos of the little skeleton in the Cathedral clock, but they were 100% blurry and terrible. Darn you, scaffolding; you ruin everything.
    • I also have a photo of that stained glass monster and it was DEFINITELY what I was focusing on, so you probably took a photo for posterity, too.
    • That tower climb. :(. I'd successfully repressed most of my memories of the experience, haha, but now I vividly remember almost passing out when we finally reached the top. Thank goodness there were places to sit up there. I'm pretty sure it took like 30 minutes for my heart rate to return to normal so that we could take on the descent. And the views weren't even that great!! :(.
    • ...And then after all of that exercise, we headed directly for the nearest crepes, LOL. I'm pretty sure I had a savory one, but alas, no photo.
    • Our hotel in Strasbourg was pretty industrial and boring, especially when compared to the cutest hotel ever in Colmar. But it could not have been more convenient to the train station!
    • My favorite photos from this set are Nos. 45-47. But especially 45 and 46. So pretty!


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