Monday, June 8, 2020

Queen of Hearts and a very unbirthday Tea

I haven't thrown a tea party since the last time I was updating this blog (so 2017 probably), but this past February I had a Queen of Hearts themed tea for my unbirthday birthday!  My friend's daughter (almost 3) enjoys having pretend tea parties and I knew I had to invite her over for a "real" tea party before she moves to Texas (which is now happening next month, so I am super glad I was able to have this party before all the shut downs).

The adults had two types of teas, Mad Hatter (which I bought at Disneyworld at the Grand Floridian where they serve an afternoon tea) and a blooming tea.

 The children had their own menu with Strawberry Lemonade and Hot Chocolate.

I was super excited I found a whole set of Alice in Wonderland paper tea products on Amazon that I ordered for the party.  There were three designs on the plates:

The clock,


and the White Rabbit.

Tea started with a glass of sparkling strawberry wine (for the adults) or pomegranate sparkling cider

before I brought out the savories:

ham and cheddar croissants on a separate plate,

with the remainder on a three tiered tray.

I was really proud how the cucumber roses came out.  They weren't all that difficult--I found a how to on the internet for making a cucumber rose garnish.

I had looked all over for some flamingo picks for the egg salad and finally found a pack at Michaels.  These were the perfect picks to go with the egg salad croquet balls from the Queen of Hearts favorite game.

Next for the scones--berries and chocolate

and vanilla bean.

Next up dessert, but I'll share more on them in a different post.

 Before guests took their favors, little boxes of chocolates.

And remember, it's always tea time!

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  1. Awww, it was so nice to stroll down memory lane and relive this fun tea party! As always, the decorations were perfect and every single dish was delicious! In fact, I think the scones that you served with this tea were my absolute very favorites EVER, which is really saying something. I did not want to share the ones that I carried home with me (but I did!). It almost makes me want to learn to bake, but that's just insanity. ;) You'll have to replicate these flavors in the future though, because seriously...THE. BEST.

    It's super weird to look back on a "normal" day when the world wasn't completely haywire. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I gleefully pronounced as I was leaving that the next time I saw you, we'd be heading to Scotland. :(. #womp /debbiedowner

    I'm excited to salivate over the forthcoming dessert post!


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