Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Roadtripping to Charleston, S.C. we go back to Charleston!  Well, almost.  First, let me share a HUGE surprise that I found during the road trip down.

So pretty and classy!  There were more cabinets and china sets all over the shop...but...

It was at South of the Border!  This is a VERY tacky stop off of I-95 (the major road on the east coast of the U.S. running north/south).  It has signs starting about 100 miles away from the actual stop advertising the place.  My favorite I saw on the way back home said "South of the Border, Conveniently Located in the Middle of Nowhere."  Too true.

Ugh!  At least there were pretty things to look at among all the garishness.  Too bad the prices were way to high.

Now that's over, on to Charleston!  We arrived around dinner time and parked down near the Battery, which is an area of town with beautiful southern mansions right on the water.


Here are some of the prettiest houses I saw on the Battery:


Battery Park is nearby and was a lovely place to stop:

After walking around, it was time for dinner.  We stopped at a Brewery, actually,

and I had my first iced tea of the trip with she-crab soup (one of the dishes Charleston is known for) and hush puppies.

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  1. The South of The Border pictures made me smile . The homes you pictured on the Battery are lovely and so picturesque. Wonder what it would be like to live in one of them.

    The soup...well, now I am hungry !


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