Monday, June 2, 2014

Disney Tea Adventures--New Fantasyland!

One of the highlights of this trip to Disney was going to see the new part of Fantasyland and having lunch at the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Beast's castle. 


You enter the restaurant past two gargoyles and a mosaic like the stained glass window in the story illustrating how the Beast was cursed:

As you enter the lobby, more gargoyles support the archway:

The park recreated some of the rooms from the movie--which made for a ton of picture moments.

The ballroom (where my family ate):

The West wing:

and one final room not in the movie that is covered in pictures of Beast and Belle's relationship:

My favorite pictures shows the Beast joining Belle for a tea party!

Unfortunately, the Castle doesn't serve tea (which would be wonderful) but we did get fancy desserts with our lunch that would belong on any tea table:

Raspberry cream puff

Double chocolate cupcake

 Strawberry cupcake
Lemon merengue cupcake.

As we left the castle, we saw this beautiful mosaic, a copy of a stained glass window from the movie:

After lunch we explored more of the new part of fantasyland.  First I walked up to see Belle's house. 

Next, we walked down to a little shop with Beauty and the Beast items for sale, including dishes!

If they had a matching cup and saucer, I would have had a hard time saying no to this plate:
There was also an adorable child's tea set with Mrs. Potts!

We walked up to Prince Eric's castle,

and rode on the Little Mermaid ride,

before heading down to Storybook Circus.  The park had moved the original Dumbo ride here and added a second because of the huge popularity of the ride.  The first time my sister and I rode together I was 14 and she was 5, and the line was short enough we decided to go on it together again.


Before leaving new Fantasyland for good, we stopped by Gaston's Tavern (from Beauty and the Beast).

 We had some of Leflou's brew, an icy mix of apple juice flavored slightly with marshmallow and with passion fruit froth.

Gaston himself greeted us as we left the tavern.


Overall, I highly recommend including new fantasyland in your trip to Disney World!

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