Monday, July 7, 2014

Butterfly Meadow Tea

I hope you can join me for a butterfly and blossom tea this week to showcase my "everyday china," Butterfly Meadow by Lenox.

My mother gifted me with the tablecloth, which is also Butterfly Meadow. 

Butterfly Meadow has wonderful variety.  The sets you see on the table are six different patterns, each named for a butterfly, with the exception of one dragonfly.

Dragonfly set:

This is the only set where the cup and saucer and the accent plate (the luncheon plate) both have the same insect--the dragonfly the set is named for. 

All the other sets just have a flower in common between the cup and saucer and the accent plate.  It's really fun to find all the random additions in these sets--different flowers, lady bugs, bees, moths, and even other butterflies just to name a few.  In each of the sets below, the butterfly that the set is named after is on the cup.

Fritillary set:

Eastern Tailed Blue set:
Yellow Swallowtail set:
Monarch set:

Orange Sulphur set:

With some yellow tea roses the table is almost complete,

except for the tea set, of course!

Even the tea set has different butterflies and flowers depending on what side of each of the sugar, creamer, and tea pot you are looking at.  Everyone at the table gets to see something pretty!  I really like the interesting lid handles on the sugar (a rose bud) and the teapot (a yellow butterfly).

Please pick your favorite set and have a seat--because I have a full blown tea to share with you today!

Egg salad in phyllo cups, chicken salad with grapes and kiwi on croissants, and dill cucumber sandwiches, shaped like flowers of course, because what other kind of cucumber sandwiches would you have with Butterfly Meadow?

I also have one additional sandwich, but unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the ones I actually served, just the test sandwich:

 The real ones turned out much better, but it is a tomato rose.  See here for a how to.

Of course, afternoon tea isn't complete without scones, and I served the orange blossom berry scones that I've featured on the blog previously here.

Finally, I made little cupcakes meant to look like little white flowers for dessert.

Check back tomorrow for more on these little cupcakes :)!

This week I'm joining:

Tea Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage
 Bernideen's Tea in the Garden


  1. Hi Carrie,
    Your tea table is simply charming! Very fanciful and perfect for summertime! I love that all the pieces are different. Your tea treats look wonderful and I'd love to join you there at your pretty table. Thank you for joining me for tea and have a lovely new week.


  2. Carrie, your Lenox dishes are so beautiful. I wouldn't care which setting you served me from. The teapot and sugar and creamer are delightful! Your tea time treats look wonderful and I'd love a cupcake.

  3. How amazing to see the whole set together! What a lovely tea party you created.

  4. Amazing set of dishes. Works great for a summer Tea. Food looks yummy; Roses are pretty. You have created a wonderful table setting.

  5. Your tea table is so beautiful. I love Butterfly Meadows. My friend collects them and I need to show her this site...Christine

  6. Lovely! Butterfly Meadow is one of the prettiest new sets available. Love the tablecloth. And your cupcake cups are so cute! The food looks wonderful! Great job...wish I could join you! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. Hi Carrie,
    Oh how I love your everyday dishes! I would be afraid to use those beauties everyday! The tablecloth to match is lovely too. I have never seen this set before and the teapot and cream and sugar are so pretty! Gorgeous table setting and I must try your goodies. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such kind words! Have a Happy Week! Karen

  8. Yours is my favourite place to come for tea Carrie - I have Butterfly Meadow for everyday dishes too, the tablecloths, and a other matching things. I didn't buy the teacups with my set because I have so many patterns already and instead opted for the mugs. Same with the teapot, cream and sugar. Now I know where I can come to enjoy the pieces I don't have. The sandwiches (especially the flower ones) and goodies look yummy.

  9. Everything looks so delightful Carrie! So much fun that the dishes all are different. The food looks delicious too. Would love to join you.

  10. Carrie, everything is just beautiful, especially the scrumptious looking food!! I love cucumber sandwiches and they're adorable! Nice to meet you!

  11. Oh, what a beautiful tea party with those gorgeous dishes and matching pretty table topper! The food looks fabulous too!

  12. Carrie:
    Your table looks wonderful with so many pretty dishes! So glad you shared your yummy goodies too!


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