Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mini-white cupcakes

At yesterday's tea party, I served these mini cupcakes:

They are very simple to make and were moist and delicious.  I got the recipe from the Recipe Girl blog (follow the link for the recipe).  I had never thought about making cupcakes for a wedding, but people left all sorts of comments about how this white cake recipe worked perfectly.  After making the cupcakes, I see why--so easy!  It is also a "cheating" recipe--you start with a white cake mix and then add stuff.  In addition to the Recipe Girl recipe,  I added 1/2 a tsp of almond extract and might add 1/2 of orange extract as well if I make it again just for a bit more flavor--but, as I said, they were already delicious.  It took me about 11 minutes to cook them in mini-cupcake tins.

I used my standard buttercream recipe to top these cupcakes, Wilton's recipe with a pinch of salt added.  See here for a previous post with the recipe.

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  1. I love the frosting design you have made here. I think I might be total flop at doing this on a full sized cupcake but I bet I could do it on a mini cupcake! Thanks for the inspiration!


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