Saturday, July 19, 2014


Today I visited a beer and wine tasting at a store owned by a family friend in Haymarket, VA. 

This store, Crafted, sells craft beers, wine, and beautiful hand-blown glass.  I purchased a pink ornament with multi-colored flecks,

and I hung it from the chandelier in my breakfast nook. 

Some of the glass sold in the store (including this ornament) is made in the glassblowing studio onsite.  For more about the handmade glass at Crafted, or just to take a look at all the variety of colors and offerings, click here

You're probably wondering what beer, wine, and blown-glass has to do with my tea blog.  Well...Crafted also sells tea blended by a mother/daughter team (Absolutely Fabulous Tea, or AbFabTea, by Absolutely Fabulous Women) located just up the road from the store!

I purchased one of the tea blends, Harmony, to try.  This tea has red rooibos, lavender, stevia, lemon grass, and orange peel. 

Even though it is "handcrafted" tea, it comes in teabags!

I enjoyed a cup of my new tea after dinner while enjoying the pretty ornament hanging in my kitchen.

Definitely a successful Saturday and it was loads of fun checking out the store and enjoying the party set up outside!

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