Thursday, July 17, 2014

Teatime Snack

I was at my addiction last weekend (aka Homegoods) and the word "tea" caught my eye as I was passing by the end of a row.  Actually I've found all three of the things in the picture below at HG at some point or another.  The mug is Lenox Butterfly Meadows, by the way.  I use these mugs as my cups for pretty much anything--it's nice drinking out of something so pretty!  

But, I digress.  Today's post is about the surprise snack find by BIS COT TEA:

These are shortbread cookies with chai baked in them.  The box was even cool with a pretty teacup on the front.  There were about 4 packs in the box, and each pack had two cookies.  They were delicious! 

The back of the box showed the other types of cookies available, all with a tea theme.

I'll have to look if I see any of these other types the next time I go (which will probably be all too soon knowing me)!


  1. OOH, shortbread cookies sound great! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. I like the tray, and shortbread with tea is one of my favourites for the afternoon.


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