Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Plantation Peach Tea

During yesterday's tea party, I served one of the teas I bought at the Charleston Tea Plantation, American Classic Tea's Plantation Peach.  See here (if you haven't already) for more about my trip to the tea plantation.

I visited Savannah during that same trip a couple of week ago--I was just saving the pictures for a later post.

While I was thinking of what tea I should serve at my Savannah tea, I knew it had to be my new plantation peach tea.  Savannah is about 2 hours away from Charleston, so it made for a nice little road trip during the third day of my vacation.

 I opted for the loose leaf version of this tea and I'm very glad I did because I really enjoy it.  The tea is a nice black with peach, and it does taste like juicy peaches.  This is also a great summer blend because it is good iced.  I have only recently realized that if you put sweetener in the tea while it is still hot before putting it in the fridge, it dissolves and is ready for you to drink it!  I know, sometimes I can be a bit slow.

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