Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sea Salt Caramel...tea!

Sorry I missed yesterday's post, I was out celebrating my sister's birthday with her.  I served a special tea to go with my tea cart this week--CocoCaramel Sea Salt by Teavana.

Teavana's website describes the tea as follows:

"This chocolatier-inspired infusion combines the distinct tastes of sweet and salty. Buttery caramel, decadent chocolate, a hint of cream and a light sprinkling of sea salt satisfies any craving."    

This tea had me at salted caramel.  The chocolate was just an added bonus.  I really enjoyed this herbal tea, especially with a little sweetener and cream.  Just like a lower calorie version of hot chocolate!



  1. WOW, I had salty caramel ice cream tonight with chocolate chunks in it- bet this tea would be heavenly. Thanks for the recommendation! : - )

  2. Yum! That cup is lovely, too!! You make me want to serve formal tea every afternoon!! Especially when it involves caramel!


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