Sunday, October 12, 2014

Shelley Finds & Hydrangeas

 It might be because of the extra water from rain or the nice weather, but my hydrangeas are looking very pretty, with new blooms popping up on the bush.  As I've mentioned many times before, I really like hydrangeas and have been experimenting with container hydrangeas for the past two years.  A month ago I visited a local consignment store and saw a small sugar and creamer set made by Shelley that I was immediately drawn to due to the hydrangeas on the set.  I did not buy it, but when I went in a week ago, it was still there--no one appreciated the fact that there was a Shelley set for sale, which (in addition to the 25% off because it was there for over a month) led me to go ahead and buy it.   I appreciate you pretty new set!

The design on this set has a mix of blue and pink hydrangeas and, since my real plant is a mix of those two colors right now (plus purple), I thought I would share both at the same time.

(in this picture you also get a good view of the pretty art deco-like handle)

(a touch of blue in these flowers to match the design)

Here is the Shelley backstamp.  After checking it out on the internet, I think this set dates to between 1925 and 1945. 

(In this picture you can also see the tiny blue butterfly on the side of the bowl)

Now I get to enjoy the flowers even in the winter when I have tea (with splenda and cream). 


  1. Your hydrangeas - real and painted are lovely! Love unique Shelley pieces.

    : - )

  2. I love Shelley china, though I only own a few. So pretty, and I love those colored handles. My hydrangea is drying nicely in vases indoors right now; I agree, it's a beautiful flower.

  3. Gorgeous! It is the Hydrangea pattern in the Regent shape and right on about the date! As a Shelley lover...Congrats! A gorgeous set!

  4. Lucky you to find such a pretty Shelley set. I have not yet seen the Hydrangea pattern. Amazing they match what is growing in your garden.


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