Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall cottages & tea

Hello everyone!  I can't believe it is already the second Monday in November!  Soon it will be time for Christmas posts (my favorite time of the year), but not quite yet.  First, I have a  fall tea that I have been really looking forward to sharing with everyone.

These dark days of autumn rain,

Are beautiful as days can be;

She loves the bare, the withered tree;
   She walks the sodden pasture lane. 

Not yesterday I learned to know,

the love of bare November days
Before the coming of the snow,

And they are better for her praise.

~Selections (slightly rearranged) from My November Guest by Robert Frost       


 I finally got out on my deck again!  Of course, the trees have almost lost their leaves, but you can still get the idea.  I've been saving my cottage set for fall because I think colors are perfect, down to the leaves changing color over the cottage door.

This set was my grandmother's (my dad's mom's).  My mom thought that it might even have belonged to my great-grandmother before her.  As you can see I have the sugar "outbuilding" with a thatched roof lid:

A small creamer:
and here is a better look at the cottage itself.

.  I really like the detail, down to the two windows in the back and the vines growing up the house.  The lid is another thatched roof, with a little chimney serving as the "knob" on the top.

This set is by Price Bros and is made in England.  I looked up the mark on the back, and it dates to between 1934 to 1961.    

 I'm using a very special luncheon set for this tea.  These amber dishes are depression glass and they belonged to my great-grandmother on my dad's side.  My grandmother gave them to my mom after she married my father.   I've tried to look them up on the internet, but I'm still not sure what the pattern is called or who was the maker.

I only have two settings on the table, but I have a full service for 6 in these dishes, plus an extra two sets of the plate and saucer.  Here is a closer look at the cup and saucer, with pretty edges:

Would you like a scone with your tea?  This is the matching sandwich tray to the set.  I also have a creamer and sugar that are not on the table (I figured the cottage ones were enough!).   

These are maple walnut...I'll share the recipe later this week. 

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  1. Oh Carrie...wonderful! I just love Cottageware, and Price Kensington made the best! So glad you could get out on your deck for tea. Especially before the big cold snap we are heading into. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. Hi Carrie..I do admire Cottage ware.. and your amber depression glass accents your tables cape so beautifully...It's a lovely display... .I'm certainly ready for a scone and little chat about your teaset as I too have a collection of this quaint china... I love it !!!!... Thanks for sharing...Hugs

  3. A perfect autumn teascape. I have never heard R. Frost's poem. It is fitting for the month. I think your amber glass falls into the elegant glassware category. A treasure to have family pieces.

  4. It thrills me when people mix their vintage glassware and china together! You have two absolutely wonderful sets to use together. Nicely done!

  5. Hello Carrie,
    I love your cottage set and depression glass. Your setting holds a lot of history and each piece, a treasure! Looks marvelous set out with the coloured leaves behind. Beautiful posting and thanks for linking up with me for tea. Enjoy your day.


  6. Your pretty depression glass makes a lovely autumn tablescape. The cottages are adorable. Happy Tea Day!

  7. That cottage ware is simply charming! I have a little thatched sugar or jam pot which I love. Would love a teapot to go with! The depression glass is beautiful; I especially like the square tea saucers. How nice to sit outside. It was 64 earlier; going down to 37 tonight! Love scones; and maple walnut sound perfect for fall. It's so nice that all your tea things were handed down to you.

  8. Hello Carrie. The vintage thatched cottage tea set is adorable and I like the gold depression glass you're using with it. A lovely autumnal tea table.

  9. What a pretty Fall tea on the deck, Carrie! I adore your cottage tea set and it looks so pretty with your depression glass. My mom gave me a cottage teapot, but the lid she gave me is from the sugar and doesn't fit well. I still love it though.


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