Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ruby Red

For her worth is far above rubies...

Welcome to my first (and only) July post to celebrate the gemstone of the month (for a couple more hours at least)...the ruby!

Now I was thinking about what would be the best cup and saucer to set off my ruby and white topaz ring, and immediately thought of an old favorite--Old Country Roses.  But to spice it up a bit, I didn't go for a "normal" OCR...instead I pulled out my 25th anniversary OCR set...

The roses bloomed
An arbor filled
with deep ruby
fragrant yellows
and soft blushes
of pink petals.

accompanied by the OCR hat I made a couple of summers ago.

I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday, sweet and fragrant, between its leaves.
~ L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island.

(This is how I feel every time a find a lovely L.M. Montgomery quote--so many great childhood memories among the pages of her books!)

O For a garden of the olden time
 Where none but long-familiar flowers grow,
 Where pebbled paths go winding to and fro,
And honeysuckles over arbors climb!
There would I have sweet mignonette and thyme,
 With hollyhocks and dahlias all arow,
 The hyacinth inscribed with words of woe,
The small blue-bell that beats a dainty chime
For elfin ears; and daffodillies, too,
 The sleepy poppy, and the marigold,
 The peony with petals manifold,
And ragged-robins, pink and white and blue.
 All these and more I'd have, and back of all
 A thousand roses on a mossy wall!

~John Russell Hayes, An Old-Time Garden