Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kentucky Derby tea

Welcome back to Aldie Mill, this time for a Kentucky Derby Tea!

This grist mill in Aldie, Virginia was built between 1807 and 1809, and the water wheel is still fully operational.

This is my second time attending one of their teas, both times have been wonderful experiences!

Since this was a Kentucky Derby tea, the ladies all wore hats!

Here is my table,

And my place setting.

And here is the menu to peruse, 

until the tiered tray appears.

For savories, chicken salad, caprese salad sandwiches, and Kentucky ham biscuits,

followed by two types of scones,

The tea was from Dominion Tea in Purcellville, Virginia:  Mounted Mint Tea, and Aldie's Special Kentucky Blend.

For dessert, a slice of raisin bread with marmalade, shortbreads, chocolate bourbon bites, and cream puffs.

There was even a raffle that both my mother and I won.  I got a book, the French Art of Tea and a Grafton tea cup with gold.

After we had finished our afternoon tea, we went upstairs where all sorts of flower clippings were waiting for us.

We filed our own mint julep cups with a bouquet of flowers, including all sorts of random clippings, azaleas, baby's breathe, leaves, ferns, white carnations, some wild flowers, and red roses of course!

(my arrangement)

(my mother's)

 It was fun just walking around seeing what people came up with.

Another wonderful Aldie Mill teatime!