Friday, July 31, 2020

St. Thomas

Day 5 of the cruise had us off the ship on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands!  We were particularly excited for this stop--my parents had celebrated their 45th Anniversary in October 2018, and this December 2018 trip had us visiting the island where they had honeymooned!  We took a trolley tour of the island.  I was so excited to get my parents picture together somewhere pretty--like this lookout.

It started pouring.  Banana daquiri's while we wait it out?

Once it let off we did have a couple of spots with stunning views.

But it really didn't take us all that many places.  We were soon back at the harbor for shopping.

Dad bought us all rings as Christmas presents!  Mom got a beautiful tanzanite, I got a green amethyst, and Katie a peridot with white topaz.

Once we were done spending money, we headed back on board and up to Cabanas for lunch.

The skies had finally clear (of course once we were back on the ship), so I took some pictures from the deck!

(put put golf, anyone?)

We had to see Stitch and friends Deck the Deck, of course!

Down in the lobby the princesses were out in their Christmas finery. 

We stopped at the lobby bar for some spiced wine.

Captain Hook out enjoying the sunset--what could he be up to now?

(What are you doing near that jewelry store, Hook?)

Dinner at Enchanted Garden again.  We were sitting so close to the cupid mickey fountain.

Drinks tonight at the Tube--the nightclub on the Fantasy.

Simple, yet appropriate.


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tortola and Pirates in the Caribbean

Day 3 was another at sea day (without formal night), but Day 4 was our first "shore excursion" day!  We docketed in Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands,

and walked to the boat we would be taking a cruise around to see some of the islands.

(Rum punch anyone?)

On the way back in we even caught a glimpse of Dumbo on the Fantasy's stern.

After the boat, we boarded a open bus for ride around the island.

(Hello Fantasy!)

We passed some interesting murals depicting scenes of island life (past and present). 

Soon it was back to the harbor

and the ship

before heading back on board. Something was different though--Pirates were taking over the ship.

Mickey and his crew had raised the jolly roger, and it was time for us to get changed and join in the fun!

(I even saw Peter Pan playing in the lobby with a tiny pirate)

We had a lot of pirating to do that night, so had drinks in O'Gills pub to get ready.

Our first pirate party on deck with Mickey and his crew,

until Captain hook took over!

Hook's victory was short lived and Captain Mickey took back the ship, and it was time for our Pirates in the Caribbean dinner!

We were in Animator's Palate again, which is my favorite for pirate night feasting--the screens show pirate-y scenes!

(So, there are unlimited desserts on the ship.  I shared it--probably...)

After quickly eating our dinner (and our wonderful waiter making sure we were up on deck in time to get a spot not too far back)


a little pirate music to get in the swing of things, 

before Captain Jack Sparrow dropped in.


Pirate night ends with a dance party right before the midnight pirate buffet.

Giant smoked turkey legs anyone?

I love pirate night, but it has come to an end.  Even our towel animal was pirate-y tonight!