Friday, May 18, 2018

Spring 2018 Teacup exchange!

I'm a little behind schedule, but I'm finally posting my teacup exchange post a day late.  I was so excited to learn that Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose was hosting another teacup exchange, her twelfth!  This was my fourth time participating, and every time it has been so much fun.

I received my box from Esther in Indiana (I don't think she has a blog).

So many goodies!  Chocolates (long since gone), a nice strong black tea that went straight to be my new work box--very smooth and caffeinated, perfect for early mornings!  A notepad with a magnet for my fridge (and I do love making lists!), and some lavender sachets--my favorite scent.

But of course, the main event:

This cup has pretty blue flowers and silver edging.  Esther said in her note that she has a whole set of this pretty china.  It is Bavarian--which is so cool since I actually just got back from a trip to Germany!  

Last, but not least, new garden gloves and seeds, which is perfect because I just started working in my garden.

Esther sent such a lovely spring box!

I sent a box to Deborah from A Delightful Glow.  I think I took pictures, but I can't find them now that I need them.  No biggie, since Deborah has gorgeous pictures on her blog of my box (here)!    

Thanks again so much to Stephanie for arranging!  There were close to 250 participants this time--and so many very nice boxes.  Check out all the other boxes on The Enchanting Rose's 12th Teacup exchange post.