Saturday, August 29, 2020

Counties Waterford and Cork

Day 9! The hotel served porridge with Bailey's, whiskey, or Muldoons (the hazelnut whiskey liqueur from last night). Now that is my kind of breakfast.  I went with Muldoons of course!

After breakfast we headed out for a walking tour of Waterford, although it really didn't show us more than we had already seen (except for some cool street art).

From Waterford, we drove to Blarney castle 

where we climbed to the top and kissed the Barney stone. 

You have to lay on your back while someone holds your middle while you lean over backwards and kiss the stone.  So a bit awkward.   

After getting the gift of gab, we wandered around the grounds for a bit.

We did some shopping and lunched there in the nearby gift shop and cafeteria...

I was the last one on the tour back to the bus, and, even though I still had a minute, they almost left without me!  I came out just in time to see the bus pulling away (Katherine swears she was about to say something).  I think the tour guide was confused since she saw Katherine. Note to self if I ever do one 5 minutes fast. Usually the guide was really careful!

From there it was on to Cork, where Katherine and I split from the group--most went on an optional excursion we were skipping. 

We walked to St. Anne's church 

and climbed the bell tower, first to ring the bells then to get to the top for photos of the city.

After a brief rest in the church, 

we walked from the shandon area over the river to the north to the other side of the island in the middle of the river that makes up the city centre. 

Our next stop was another church, St. fin Barre's cathedral, a Victorian building in romanticized gothic medieval style.

We stopped for a break and had some Irish coffee by the river,

before deciding to go find a pub for an early dinner.

Come to find out live music started at 630, so we hung around til it ended at eight. The singer sang mostly country music and some older rock. It was lots of fun!

And then it was back to the hotel.

(This was pretty cool in our hotel atrium)

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  1. • Ugh, kissing the Blarney stone. So physically awkward. So grossly unsanitary. And I accidentally punched the guy in the face when I had a panic attack after looking down, oops. Someday you need to show me the photos I took of you, LOL. I'm sure they are just as flattering as your photos of me. :-P.
    • Photo No. 31 is good. I'm so bad at taking artful photos of flowers. Probably because I'm usually too lazy to bother crouching down, haha.
    • However, Photo No. 40 clearly didn't involve crouching and I *still* don't have a version of that, so who knows?
    • This lunch stop is where I bought an apple crumble and was so excited about it and then immediately dropped the entire thing on the ground (loudly) in front of everyone and a giant bird ate it, LOL. ~Memories!~
    • OMGGGG, I wasn't "about to" say something! I *did* say something as soon as the bus started moving!! She walked right by your empty seat (at the very front of the bus...) and then yelled at him to go from the back of the bus, at which point I started screeching. I sense that you still don't trust my version of events, LOL.
    • Okay, Photo No. 51 is officially my favorite of all the photos so far on this trip. I have the same one and I love it, but yours is even nicer. IF YOU DON'T FRAME ANYTHING ELSE, FRAME THAT ONE.
    • I feel like this belltower climb was annoying. Look how narrow the steps are. Definitely not ideal for those of us who stupidly travel with a purse the size of a suitcase. And look at that useless and painful rope "railing." (I've just this moment realized that those are a pet peeve of mine...LOL, how specific.) ANDDDD I also vaguely remember a moment where we had to contort our bodies through a small opening to continue climbing. And then the views were v. meh.
    • LOL, I do remember the "brief rest in the church." It was probably: (a) at my insistence, and (b) not brief.
    • Oooh, I love Photo No. 79.
    • You need to frame Photo No. 83, too.
    • Wasn't this where some random dude stopped us on the street and talked to us forever while we kept trying to flee because he was delaying our food?
    • Mmm Orchard Thieves!
    • LOL at my gigantic burger in the background of your dinner photo. When in Ireland!


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