Thursday, August 27, 2020


Today is our full day in Dublin. We ditched the group and traveled to downtown Dublin on the Dart train again. We headed first to Merriam Square to see Oscar Wilde's house and his statue. 

We tried to tour a nearby Georgian row home, but it was closed for renovations until 2020 (this is actually are second time trying--we tried in 2013 too). 

 We walked up to the library, which was a beautiful building and we really enjoyed an exhibit on the Irish poet, Yeats. 

We went next door to the archeology museum, 

where we saw the bog bodies and an artifact discovered at the Knowth burial mound we visited yesterday. 

Next stop was St. Anne's church where Bram Stoker was married 

before walked up to the famous shopping street, Grafton street.

We took a break for lunch at a pub up an alley of Grafton Street.

We next walked to the Molly Malone statute.  People touch her boobs. I did not.

We next toured Dublin castle (which we did not get to do in 2013 because it was closed for an event),

(Wedgewood Room)

before going to St. Audoens, a small church next to a modern church, and the only medieval church in Ireland still in use (built 1181-1212). 

Back outside, we wandered until we stopped for a treat (an Apple crumble for me) at a popular bakery (Queen of Tarts) and ate on the grounds of Christ church, 

before heading across the River.

We hurried to St. Michan's

to see their crypt and mummies. The coffins have fallen apart, leaving the natural preserved bodies visible.

We walked up to the Guinness storehouse (back across the river) from here to meet up with the group for a tour and dinner. 

I don't think I would ever need to go again, but some of the exhibits were cool,

especially the exhibit about past ads.

 A pint and a half of Guinness came with the visit, a pint in the rooftop bar 

and dinner with the half pint. 

I finished it, but still not a fan. 

Since we were back with the tour group, the bus took us back to our suburb hotel.  After a short nighttime walk to the pier near our hotel, 

we were done for the day. I was definitely sad to leave Dublin.

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  1. • Yayyyy, group ditching! My fave part of group trips!
    • I have those exact same door photos, LOL.
    • Maybe the third time will be the charm for visiting the Georgian House. I guess we've gotta go back to Dublin someday... For that AND THE BURGER.
    • Ugh, those bog bodies. You KNOW that I like macabre gross stuff but those literally turned my stomach, haha..
    • That artifact from Knowth (whatever it was, I've forgotten now) was...uh, underwhelming. Once we finally found it (I think you actually had to ask someone), we just stared at in disappointment, LOL.
    • I remember trying to visit St. Anne's in 2013 and it was closed, so for some reason I was really looking forward to it this go-round. And again thought it was pretty underwhelming. I don't know why I thought it would be interesting. :-P. But it was another church for you to balance out the mummified corpses for me...
    • LOL at the gleaming boobs on that statue. Now all I can think about is how quickly COVID-19 would spread through mass public groping.
    • Ugh, I don't remember what I ordered at Queen of Tarts and I didn't take a picture. I'm such a fail. Although it's probably because by the time we sat down to eat in the courtyard of Christ Church Cathedral, I was despondent over my missed burger opportunity and no longer focused on sweets.
    • Speaking of that burger, I'm surprised you did not include a gloat-y photo of the burger tent. :-P.
    • Aw man, Photo No. 62 is so cute with those multicolored doors! Why didn't I take a photo of thatttttttttt?
    • CRYPT MUMMIES!! LOL, thank you for indulging me. Didn't somebody steal one of them recently or something?
    • The Guinness Storehouse was definitely a "been there, done that, check" moment for me. It was wayyyyy too people-y and Guinness is gross.
    • Our attempt at a late-night pier walk was a sad fail because there weren't really any lights anywhere. Probably would have been nice during the day but...ehhhh *shrug*.


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