Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy (Belated) Fourth of July!

My sister joined me for dinner on the 4th of July so instead of having a barbeque, I put together a small tea party (we just waited until Sunday night to have the hamburgers and hot dogs).  She works on weekends, so it is hard to find time normally to do more than a quick dinner, so we took advantage of her getting off early for the holiday. 

I have a few odds and ends of Liberty Blue, so I set the table with an eclectic assortment of dishes (actually in both meanings of the word, now that I think of it).  I really like all the different scenes in this china--all of which are important colonial places and happenings!

Here are a few of the scenes on the dishes since they are covered by food in the picture above:

The big platter with tea sandwiches has George Washington crossing the Delaware River,

The serving bowl has a picture of  the Fraunces Tavern.  The real tavern (located in New York City) served as a headquarters for Washington and a venue for peace negotiations with the British.  I found both this bowl and the platter at my favorite thrift store last year for only $7 each!

The little bowl with jam in front of the serving bowl has Betsy Ross with an early American Flag.

The plate full of dessert in the front has a decal of Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the site of the second Continental Congress, and where later the Constitutional Convention was held.

I'm serving Blueberry white iced tea in my blue stemmed water goblets, with two mismatched small plates at each setting:

(Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia graces this plate)
(This is actually a saucer, and is of the Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts, where a lantern (or two) would be hung to warn of the British coming by land or sea)
Now for a bit about the food:
(Chicken salad and cucumber canapés)

(White chocolate cherry scones)

(white chocolate French financiers)

This is a brand new camera--I think the picture quality got a bit better as I worked with it more!  So far I'm pretty happy with it.  I need to walk around with it outside and give it a better test though.  Here are a couple of pictures of my yard for the fourth that I'll leave you with (from my brief excursion out with the camera):

This week I'm joining the tea parties below:
Bernideen's Friends Sharing Tea 
Rose Chintz Cottage's Tea Time Tuesday


  1. How nice that you and your sister were able to get together for your fabulous food, Carrie. I love all your patriotic dishes and what a deal you got on several of them. I'd love to sample your blueberry white iced tea, chicken salad, cucumber canapés and those scones...oh my!

  2. Hello, I'm visiting from Sandi's blog. Your Liberty Blue got my attention. I posted about the few pieces of Liberty Blue that I had two posts ago. I enjoyed seeing what scene was on the serving bowl and platter, I had never seen those before.
    Lovely post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Your patriotic transferwares are perfect for a 4th of July tea party. The beauty of transfewares is that you can mix and match different designs and they all look great together!

    Have fun playing with your new camera! I have to confess that I had my point-and-shoot camera for years before I learned how to use the different settings...My photos would probably look better if I can be bothered to switch the camera's setting beyond the "auto" mode. Hee!

  4. Looks like you had a nice 4th of July! You have a great patriotic blue transfeware collection. My favorite of yours is the Betsy Ross plate. I like the floral border. All of the food looks delicious especially the cucumber canapes- perfect for a summer tea.
    I still am looking forward to reading your France trip posts. June just flew by for me.

  5. I love Liberty Blue and I'm sad to say that I don't have any. Transferware is so difficult to find here on the Island. I love how they mix and match so well and they always manage to set a charming table. Your goodies look wonderful and I know you and your sister had a fabulous time. Have fun with your new camera and thanks for sharing with us at Tea Time. Enjoy your day, Carrie.


  6. How nice to celebrate with your sister... the liberty blue transfer ware is lovely..I had never seen those images patriotic.. I'd love one of those white chocolate scones... I'm a scone fanatic..Making them is just sweet old therapy ( ha Ha)..eating them is the cure. >>Thanks for sharing your belated July4th celebrations...ENJOY your day !!!! Hugs

  7. What a great idea- and a delightful tea time together,

    There's nothing quite as nice as spending time with a beloved sister, is there?

    Your china is the perfect choice for your Independence Day Tea Party!

    Have a wonderful day, Carrie!


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