Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Teacup exchange reveal!

Hello everyone!  Today Stephanie at the Enchanting Rose is hosting a party so participants in her Teacup and Mug exchanges can share their packages.  I've seen on other blogs how much fun this exchange is, so I decided to join in, and boy was I not disappointed!  Not only did I get to visit the blogs of two ladies I hadn't visited before (always fun finding new to me blogs), I also had a ton of fun!

Bethany Carson of Liberty or Death sent me a package with lots of little touches, including a couple of wrapped gifts,

in addition to a lovely new three piece set (I have a slight three piece set collecting habit :)!  I could tell she looked at my blog to see what I like, which was extra nice of her)

(The cat stickers and Earl Grey tea were two of the wrapped gifts)

(such a pretty pattern!)

Bethany also sent a lovely mug with all sorts of spring flowers.

Perfect for sipping a cup of my new Earl Grey tea outside on a pretty spring evening with my last two gifts:

A gorgeous blue crocheted shawl, and a box of chocolates!  I was definitely spoiled! 

I prepared a box for Emillee of Sincerely Emillee (sneak peak below!) 

Waiting for my own box was definitely exciting (I love mail!) but it was also a lot of fun putting together a box myself and checking out thrift and antique stores and Homegoods (really I'll take any excuse).  I had a wonderful time--thanks so much to Stephanie for hosting and taking the time to match up all the participants!

If you would like to see other teacup and mug exchange packages, follow this link to Stephanie's blog.


  1. Hi Carrie, I'm visiting her from Bethany's blog. This looks like such a fun event! Bethany certainly picked out a beautiful teacup and gifts. :)

  2. It certainly was a fun exchange and like you said a great excuse to go "teacup" shopping. The blue shawl you received is beautiful. I admire that level of handiwork. Your new trio is a perfect addition to your collection. Enjoy your new gifts!

  3. Carrie, love your sweet treasures! I am so glad you participated in the exchange - isn't it just the grandest fun!??

    That blue shawl is stunning - what a special thing to be able to wrap yourself in, how thoughtful!

  4. My dear Carrie, what a beautiful package from Bethany! Every thing is simply lovely and it's apparent the package was put together in love.

    I am ever so glad you joined the exchange and it's a joy to see how blessed you were. Hugs to you!

  5. Hello Carrie~~I have come for a visit from my dear Stephanie's teacup reveal, so nice to meet you.
    Bethany certainly gifted you with some gorgeous items. I love the little detail on your teacup, and how sweet to send a mug along as well. That blue shawl is amazing!
    Enjoy your treasures~~

  6. You received lovely gifts, especially the shawl. This is a fun exchange and it's nice when the participant with your name can check your blog for further ideas.

  7. I'm so glad that you were spoiled at your first exchange, Carrie! The lovely trio set is perfect for spring and the crochet shawl is fabulous! The cute cat stickers made me smile (Judith above calls me the "Sticker Queen". HA!).

    I agree that it's always fun to shop for others!

  8. Your 3 piece set is lovely and the mug is very pretty. I loved sourcing my gifts too and had such fun participating with this swap. Hugs Valeryanne.

  9. Oh wow! The cup and mug are delightful, but that shawl is to die for!!! So much generosity has been displayed during this event. It has been so wonderful to be a part of it!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  10. Carrie...What precious treasures you received. Your tea cup set is gorgeous and we have the same taste in teas. In addition, the shawl is simply beautiful. So awesome you participated. It is a fun event to be a part of. :-)

  11. You photographed everything beautifully Carrie! It was fun picking out what to send. Thanks for creating such a lovely post to feature it all!

  12. What lovely gifts! I especially like the delicate pattern of your new trio set.


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