Sunday, July 30, 2017

Italy Day 14--Venetian Lagoon

Hello all!  So this is the last night of my trip.  Today we got up a bit late again (8:00ish) and went down to breakfast at 9:20.  

(I even tried an espresso)

We headed to San Marco piazza and noticed that the line for the tower elevator wasn't too bad, so we took it up so we could get pictures of St. mark's square (Katherine had really hoped we could fit this in).  

Gorgeous views!  I think the bells started ringing while we were up there too.

(here is zoomed in where we are heading next!)

We then went to the docks to try to catch the fake gondola--but they were no where in sight.  Instead, we just took the vaporetto over to this baroque church that is on the fishhook part of Venice.  The vaporetto boat was already paid for because we bought passes yesterday due to the daytrip and today's later journey, so it was essentially free to go over there.  The church (La Salute) was pretty.

We took some pictures of the view from the fishhook while waiting for the boat back towards St. Mark's Square.

After arriving, we walked to a vaporetto stop a bit down to change boats for the first leg of our journey to Burano.  

To get to Burano, we rode roughly 15 minutes to Murano (famous for glass) then caught a different boat and 1/2 an hour later, we were in Burano.  Burano is a cute little fishing village with multi-color pastel homes.  It was adorable!  

We went immediately to a restaurant Katherine had wanted to go to for lunch on the island (something with cat in the name) but it was completely reserved, so they couldn't seat us.  We walked until we found another, and sat and had lunch.

I had risotto (first of the trip actually) with a fish sauce and a Spritz Aperol (a popular afternoon drink in the Veneto region).

We continued to walk along the rainbow streets with lots of picture breaks, until we reached the main square where the local church is located.

We went in a few shops and I bought a couple of things for my tea table (or other tables).  Burano is famous for lace, and we saw some older ladies making the lace while we walked in and out of the stores.  I even met the woman who made the piece I bought.

(I bought lace from this shop!)

 We went into the San Marino Church and saw its leaning bell tower.  

Across the street was the small lace museum, which was included for free on the pass we got for Venice museums, so we stepped in there for awhile to see antique Burano handmade lace from the 17th century.  Pretty cool, actually.

(this lady is styling burano lace)

After this we just sat for a bit by the water before starting to wander back towards the boats (when impulse buy number 2 happened).

We caught a boat back to Murano, where we changed again before going back to Venice.  We talked about walking around Murano a bit, but Katherine wasn't up for the glass museum, and I think that would be a big part of visiting Murano.  Murano is where venetian glass is actually made--because it is a fire hazard, it was moved off of the main part of Venice.

Instead we caught the boat back to San Marco,

and stopped for gelato on our walk back to the hotel so that Katherine could plan her travel tomorrow (she was going to her next stop in Italy) and I could repack my bag so I would be pretty much ready to go.  We did stop in one final church, San Zulian, very close to our hotel that had been closed when we tried on other days.  This church also served as a useful orienting landmark to find our hotel.

(forgot to take during the day, so snapped at night)

Dinner was at a restaurant on the canal near our hotel that we had passed a few times (and, coincidently, it wasn't far from St. Mark's Square).


We ended our time in Venice with one last trip to San Marco, where we got second dessert (and i got a limoncello) and sat and listened to the live music.

I was a bit nervous about transportation to the Venice airport--whether to take the hour long boat or take the vaperetto to the bus station and catch the bus.  I was leaning towards the bus, but I talked to the receptionist in the lobby and she recommended the direct to airport boat, so I decided to try it--and it was super easy.  I had read that it fills up quickly, but it was fine.  My flight was a bit delayed, but better to already be in the airport than worried about getting there!

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  1. Wrapping up my comment babble for this trip:
    • LOL at sleeping in and late breakfast. I know that was my fault. :-P.
    • Yay for elevators to high places!!! I love all of your photos from the top!
    • I also love Photo No. 11.
    • And Photo No. 12!!!! So good! My attempts at this never ever EVER come out, so I am jealous!
    • Most of my pictures from outside La Salute are of a really fat seagull (not even joking), so it's nice to look back over your photos to see what the spot actually looked like. :-P.
    • Annnnnd you can see our glitzy hotel in Photo No. 19. <3 And No. 54.
    • The trip to Burano was THE. WORST. The trip from Murano was so long and the vaporetto was SO crowded and so boaty and moving SOOO SLOWLY and just...*barf* I loved how you glossed over this part, haha.
    • YES, the restaurant had "cat" in the name BUT ALSO it had a Michelin star!! Which is the reason we were so swiftly rebuffed, haha.
    • Our lunch at the replacement restaurant was still delish, though. No regrets.
    • There was so much debate and indecision during our lace shopping adventures, haha. I hope you still like the pieces you chose!
    • Those nighttime desserts at the historic cafe in Piazza San Marco with the live music... <3 Ugh, it was so nice. I love Italy.
    • I remember you were also worried about my ability to navigate myself to the train station solo since I have literally ZERO sense of direction and Venice is windy... but we both survived! 2/2! Woot!

    Okay, I stopped commenting on specific photos that I loved because literally every picture in this post is beautiful! Burano especially. It's a shame that I will never, ever return because of how boat-intensive the journey is.



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