Monday, September 7, 2020

September Sips by

 Last week I got my September Sips by box, which was a nice surprise.   This subscription service costs about $15 a month and says it makes about 15 cups of tea.

Today's picture theme is my fairy garden to celebrate the end of summer!

The Sips by box includes four different teas from four different brands.  I started with one of the black teas, from Asheville tea.  I looked into this company and they source ingredients from local farms.  The Asheville grey is a earl grey (of course!) with black tea, calendula flower, bergamot oil.  Very good!

The next tea I tried as an iced tea--the Queen of tarts by David's Tea.  The Sips by sheet recommended that we try it iced.  It was definitely tart, and I wasn't a huge fan, but it was ok.

The next day I tried the Cookie Tea blend, the Dark Chocolate Cookie with High Caffeine content.  A black tea with cocoa.  I enjoyed it with some milk.

The last tea I just tried today and really enjoyed!  By Ahmad tea, Raspberry and Pomegranate tea.  Very strong berry taste and lovely green tea.  This is probably my favorite tea from the box.

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  1. Love this type of review with pictures. Any chance you accept samples for reviews?


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